How and why we use your data

2nd Abingdon Scout Group exists to provide local scouting to young people between the ages of 6 and 14. We work in close partnership with Abingdon Explorer Scout Unit who provide local scouting to young people aged between 14 and 18.

In order to provide scouting we need to collect some personal data about the following classes of individual:

  • Youth members
  • Parents/Guardians
  • Adult occasional helpers
  • Adult leaders and assistant leaders
  • Group Executive members

This document will briefly describe the types of data we hold for each of the above and our policies and processes to ensure it is handled safely to protect their privacy.


Data we hold about youth members

We collect personal and sensitive personal information with the consent of parents/guardians in order to deliver the Scout Programme. The classes of data we collect and hold for youth members includes:

  • Demographic data (name, date of birth, gender, address, ethnicity)
  • Parent/Guardian Contact information (name, address, email address, contact phone numbers)
  • Doctor’s information
  • School attended
  • High level medical information provided by parents/guardians
  • Photograph permission
  • Activities permission

In addition to the above information, we may also collect more detailed medical information when youth members apply to attend particular events such as camps or some activities which require us to collect medical details and consent to treatment. This information is not retained and will be requested each time youth members apply to participate in an event.


Where and how we collect and store youth data

We usually collect data about youth members on paper forms which are completed by parents/guardians. This data is entered into our youth member database, Online Scout Manager, a service provided by Online Youth manager Ltd. Details about Online Youth Manager’s data privacy policies can be found at

Once data has been entered into Online Scout Manager, paper copies are shredded.


Who has access to youth member data

Access to Online Scout manager is controlled by username and password. Every user has their own credentials and all access is logged. Each user has permissions to view only the records relevant to their section. For example, the Cub leaders can only access records for Cubs.

Only the Group Scout Leader and Group Administrator have access to data for all youth members.

If an adult member leaves the Group their access to Online Scout Manager is revoked.


How we use youth member data

We use the data collected about youth members directly in the following ways:

  • To contact parents/guardians about our programme and activities
  • In an emergency to contact a parent/guardian or, other emergency contact or, in extreme circumstances, their doctor
  • To administer the badge and awards scheme
  • To record attendance at section meetings or other events
  • To plan the transfer of youth members between sections
  • To collect and record payment of subs

We use aggregate (non-identifiable) data about youth members in the following ways:

  • To complete the annual census for The Scouts
  • To help Thames Ridge District plan its growth


Sharing data about youth members 

We only pass youth member data to third parties in the following specific circumstances

  • Where a youth member is transferring to a different scout group we can, it the permission of a parent/guardian, pass their data securely through Online Scout Manager to their new group. Once the data has been transferred it is removed from 2nd Abingdon and cannot be reinstated.
  • Where a member of 2nd Abingdon Sea Scouts is moving on to Explorers we must transfer their data as described above. Abingdon Explorers are a District unit and so are a separate entity to 2nd Abingdon Scout Group.


Securely removing youth member data 

If a youth member leaves the Group, either by transferring to another group or moving on to Explorers, or leaves scouting altogether, we will retain their record in Online Scout Manager until the end of the school term in which they leave. After this time, if there has been no request to transfer the records to a different group or unit, all personally identifiable data will be securely and irretrievably removed from Online Scout Manager.


Data we hold about parents and guardians

We only hold the information provided to us when registering a youth member, or when a change has been requested by a parent/guardian. This data is held in Online Scout Manager and only for the purposes of providing local scouting to youth members.

Where a youth member leaves, parent/guardian information is removed at the same time as youth member data.


Data we hold about adult members

We collect personal data about adults involved in scouting. All uniformed leaders, assistant leaders and Group Executive members are asked to provide personal data when they apply to volunteer.

In some circumstances we are required to collect more information about adults who are not leaders or members of the Group Executive. We only do this when we are required to perform a Disclosure Barring Service request. Typically this is when an adult wishes to attend an event which involves an overnight stay at which youth members will be present. Examples might include:

  • Beaver sleepovers
  • Family camps

Where we are required to perform a DBS check under Scout rules we must collect some basic information including:

  • Demographic data (Name, Address, Data of Birth, Gender, Contact information)

To perform a DBS check we are required to collect some sensitive personal information including:

  • Passport Details
  • Driving License Details
  • Current and historical addresses
  • National Insurance Number


Where and how we collect and store data

We will usually collect adult volunteer data on paper forms. The data will be transferred to two online databases operated by The Scout Association. These databases are:

  • Compass – The Scout Association’s adult member database
  • Atlantic Data Systems – the Disclosure Barring Service portal

Once transferred the paper copies are shredded.


Who has access to adult data

Access to Compass and Atlantic Data are controlled by username and password. Every eligible user has their own credentials and all access is logged. Each user has permissions to view only the records relevant to their role.

At 2nd Abingdon only the Group Scout Leader and Group Administrator have access to data for adult members. Adult managers at District, County or National level also have access to adult volunteer data for the purposes of ensuring that volunteers are properly supported in their roles.

If an adult member leaves or moves to a different role, their permissions are adjusted or revoked as appropriate.


How we use adult member data

Adult member data is only used to enable local scouting to take place.

  • For occasional helpers, personal data is used to allow us to obtain a DBS clearance for safeguarding purposes
  • For Group Executive members, personal data is used to ensure we are able to provide:
    • Appropriate support and training
    • Indemnity insurance for Executive Members acting as Trustees
  • For Leaders, Assistant Leaders and Section Assistants, personal data is collected and used to ensure we can provide:
    • Appropriate training
    • Track mandatory renewable training (Safeguarding, First Responder, Safety)
    • Insurance
    • Support and guidance as well as professional development


Sharing data about adult members

Data about adult volunteers is shared with the following third-parties and only for the stated purposes:

  • Thames Ridge District Scouts, Oxfordshire County Scouts and The Scout Association – for the purposes of enabling adult volunteers to safely carry out their roles in local scouting
  • The Disclosure and Barring Service – for the purpose of obtaining a DBS disclosure to ensure we meet our safeguarding responsibilities to youth members


Securely removing adult member data

When an adult member resigns a scouting role, or no longer has an active role at 2nd Abingdon their role will be closed in Compass. Where the adult has no other active roles in the Group their membership will be set to Inactive and their personal data will be removed from the Group records.


Responsibility for Data Privacy

The responsibility for the secure collection, processing and handling of personal data rests with the Group Executive Committee. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy please contact